Austria goes ZRCE

21.July 2018. – 28.July 2018.

Austria comes on Zrce beach again in big style at Papaya and Kalypso clubs!

The party days start in the afternoon at the after beach parties from 3pm to 8:30pm and after a short break continues in the late night of long night parties…

#AstrianWeek Line-Up

Phase 1

Timmy Trumpet (26.07.) – Shany Flip CapellaWaaasted

Phase 2

Headhunterz (24.07.) – Rene Rodrigezz (28.07.) – Chris ArmadaJurkiTMLS Deejays

Phase 3

Don Diablo (27.07.) – Jay LianDJ SelectaGigo’n’Migo

Go get your TICKET and Go on Austria Goes ZRCE!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to sleep on the beach with the sun grilling your head, we have the perfect place to stay during the festival (or as long you want:)) ! Go Big or Go Small – either way find the ideal accommodation for you to truly enjoy the surroundings.



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