After 8 years in the very center of Novalja and being top of, we decided to move to a natural surroundings and got ourselves a land of 10.000 square meters surrounded by huge old pine woods protected by UNESCO, with a big house in the middle, and just in front of an amazing sandy beach ☺.

It is known that Island of Pag settled in the middle of croatian coast and its perfect for daily trips to all the famous national parks, other islands, airports (Zadar) etc but we bet you didn’t know that in the middle of the Pag Island there’s a fine charming village called BOŠANA.


4 minutes away from city of Pag and just 10 minutes away from city of Novalja (10 min by old road, 20 minutes with a new one - you have a map attached), both reachable by bikes. With beautiful beachfront and finally rooms with seaview, we landed on a 10k square meters of forrest where we’ll be able to develop tons of new activities for you and show you dozens of sandy beaches with a natural sources of drinkable water, beaches with natural Clay (excellent for your skin), healthy climate which prevents Asthma and that way hopefully offer you a whole new experience of the island of Pag.

Guests will be provided with 24/7 shuttle bus to ZRCHE beach if needed .


Unspoiled nature with old pine woods protected by UNESCO
4 bed dorms & 2-4 pax apartments
lounge bar
yoga & other workshop facilities
BYH festivals & events on site (free for our guests)
cocktail bar
rooftop restaurant with a seaview
live music
rooms with seaview
meditation center
sports center
hidden gem events
hiking, trekking & walking tours
cliffs & rocks jumpin


adventure park
music & film production studio
organic food production & gardening
glamping (2020)
nightsky-telescope watching
…and so much more.

  • WHY

    Novalja got bigger and Big Yellow house felt that energy of massive & commercial tourism took over a place far beyond our striving to make your stay as comfortable possible. It was definitely a time to make a new, better and upgraded experience for you people. BIG Yellow EXPERIENCE.

    As our MISSION is to become one of the best places on earth (yep seriously, we’re that crazy), a community that is changing the world for better tommorrow, an institution that connects arts & people, people & nature, nature & universe, universe & energy - we will take our time to do the project properly and proffesionally.
  • WHEN

    In the midtime, just to keep in track with us and our new ideas please do follow us on instagram or facebook for daily updates on the new location, since we are working hard to make it work until the end of May.

    Looking forward to see you this summer. Be happy & stay well, BYH crew ;)

The Bar

If you are in the mood for a refreshing drink , maybe fancy a cocktail or just meditate in the forests, we truly believe BYH lounge bar will give you a complete new experience . Plastic free bar . Booze porn , finger food , quality music , events , friendly staff , nature , beachbar, sandy beach .


BYH forest

10.000 m2 of land , lounge bar , restaurant , seaview , sandy beach


Go Big or go Small – either way we have the perfect accommodation for you truly enjoy our sourroundings..


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