We Are Dark Angels (Brooklyn, NY) live @ BYH // August 15 – 20

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Deantoni Parks and Nicci Kasper are We Are Dark Angels

We are living in the shadows. We Are Dark Angels

There currently exists a gap between live music and performance art. Various artists have no doubt attempted to fill the void through the creation of sound art. Others have placed an increased emphasis on production design as a live aid. Yet outside of arena rock and musical theatre, those willing and able to explore this space have been limited to global superstars, art school students and DIY artists.

It’s the hope that those who are lucky enough to encounter a -live- We Are Dark Angels experience will be taken away on an audio + visual journey through time and space. In an effort to bring an emotional experience to audiences across the globe, We Are Dark Angels will incorporate a multitude of audio + visual elements into their live performance. Their journey begins with the Icons Remix Project. Through the use of acapella samples from various icons such as Jerry Garcia, Michael Jackson, Debbie Harry, and Andy Warhol. They’ve managed to create a wealth of audio soundscapes that make the timeless work of these global figures relevant today. The result is an experience that’s both familiar and new.

We Are Dark Angels formed to create a timeless, irrefutable soundscape that lingers in the current and touches on the past.

Along with writing credits on both seasons of HBO’s True Detective, We Are Dark Angels were recently honored with composing the latest Paul Schrader film, DOG EAT DOG. The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival’s Director’s Fortnight in 2016, receiving a standing ovation. DOG EAT DOG stars Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe and will appear at the Toronto Film Festival, and London Film Festival in 2016.

About Deantoni Parks
Deantoni Parks AKA Technoself is a genre defying drummer, composer, actor and record producer.
He is the co-founder, producer, writer and drummer of the band, KUDU, and one-half of the writing duo, We Are Dark Angels with composer, keyboardist and arranger, Nicci Kasper, also a member of KUDU. Both Deantoni and Nicci are currently in BOSNIAN RAINBOWS with Teri Suarez and Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

He has written, toured and collaborated with numerous artists including but not limited to The Mars Volta, Meshell Ndegeocello, Sade Adu, John Cale (The Velvet Underground), Paul Schrader, T Bone Burnett, St. Vincent, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Basement Jaxx, Yoko Ono, and Cody Chesnutt.

About Nicci Kasper
Nicci Kasper is a genre defying keyboardist, composer, arranger, actor and record producer. Nicci provides major musical and stylistic direction much like Syd Barrett, Rick Wakeman, and Bill Evans.

His duel Juno 106 Synthesizer setup provides a pulsing undercurrent of danceable, chunky, post-everything you’ve heard harmonies paired with menacing textures to every track he produces.

Nicci’s production efforts combine his jazz and rock roots with a gritty, urban-laced undercurrent that owes much to classic “B-Boy” era hip-hop and early ‘80s electro.

Nicci has written, collaborated, and toured with numerous artists including but not limited to T Bone Burnett, Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull), Meshell Ndegeocello, Chromeo, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, KRS-ONE, Joe Henry (Daniel Lanois, Elvis Costello) and Armand Van Helden.

The final result is always current and timely, those in the know refer to it as now wave. A series of layered, ethereal and esoteric dreamscapes that consume the listener. Taking us far away from the doldrums of everyday existence and providing the soundtrack to the life we dream about.

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