ENTRANCE, a.k.a. Guy Blakeslee // June 28

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ENTRANCE, a.k.a. Guy Blakeslee, best known as the front-man for LA’s
finest live act – The Entrance Band, is embarking on a European Tour,
performing alone in cosmic troubadour fashion, playing acoustic guitar
and singing songs from his 2014 solo LP “Ophelia Slowly” (Everloving
Records) as well as new material from his upcoming record.

His cover of Skip James’ “I’m So Glad” can be heard in the soundtrack for
Spike Jonze’s Academy Award nominated film “Her”. Having recently
released an LP of instrumental guitar compositions, “The Middle Sister,” out
January 28, 2016 on Leaving Records, and spending the past 2 years
opening for friends and colleagues such as Cat Power, Spiritualized,
Warpaint, Father John Misty, Mazzy Star and Interpol at large venues
throughout the USA, this tour finds Blakeslee in more intimate settings and
presenting his unique blend of psychedelia, poetic folk, blues and gospel in its
stripped down and raw form, much like he once did in the early 2000’s before
the formation of the Entrance Band. Thrill Jockey, a legendary American
indie label, has just announced the signing of Entrance, and releasing the his
full-lenght “Promises.”

Website – entrancelives.com
Facebook – Facebook.com/entrancelives
Twitter – twitter.com/ENTRANCELIVES
Instagram – instagram.com/entrancelives/

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