Hard Island Festival

02.July 2018. – 05.July 2018.

A gathering of harder styles fans and biggest hardstyle and hardcore artists taking place at Kalypso club on Zrce Beach, Croatia.
Feel the sun, enjoy the freedom and give in to the party.



Soak up the sun as you dance on the beach stage, go crazy under the stars on the main stage, party on the hardest cruise ships and admire the spectacular mountain views, all while listening to the echoing sound played by the biggest artists of hardstyle and hardcore music.


Boat parties at Hard Island undoubtedly stand out as the most hedonistic experiences in the agenda. The loudest cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea packed with hardstyle and hardcore fans dancing into the sunset perfectly rounds up the festival into a summer celebration of music and life.

Go Hard and grab your tickets!


And don’t worry, you don’t have to sleep on the beach with the sun grilling your head, we have the perfect place to stay during the festival (or as long you want:)) ! Go Big or Go Small – either way find the ideal accommodation for you to truly enjoy the surroundings.



Before you make any decisions, you can also take this short & fun quiz and find out which of the numerous festivals on Zrce Beach is ideal for you!



See how it was two years ago so you know what to expect this year!

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